Sandbox Logistics

For offshore drilling companies as well as exploration and production enterprises, Sandbox Logistics provides ways of optimizing proppant delivery. The company has developed solutions for reducing the number of necessary transfers and protecting proppant from sandbox to wellhead, which in turn keeps silica dust in safe containers and out of the air. Sandbox Logistics also uses these systems to reduce the number of trucks on the road, and to protect worker safety by minimizing personnel necessary at frac sites.

Sandbox Logistics' proprietary equipment and processes offer a number of economic benefits to client companies. Efficiency improvements lower overall costs by reducing the number of trucks needed and eliminating the costs associated with paying demurrage to rail and trucking operators. Similarly, a streamlined transit system lessens the need for capital investments to fund movers, silos, and transport equipment.

Finally, Sandbox Logistics improves the overall quality of delivered proppant by removing the risk of in-transit shrinkage, while protecting against the contamination and degrading of quality that can occur with product transfer.